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Block Island Family Vacation
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All about Block Island. Connecting visitors with the island since 2005.

I was looking for a good website about my home, the resort island in New England called Block Island. I wanted to promote my family's rental house. I also wanted to find a site that could answer all the frequently asked questions from our renters. When I began researching Block Island on the web, I found that I had to go to several websites and piece together snippets of information.

I put myself in the place of some one who was planning to visit Block Island for the first time. How frustrating it must be to have to spend hours finding websites that contain little bits of information. I thought, "Some one should build a really great website for our island, a place where a visitor could find where to stay, eat and play all at once."

That's when the idea came. What if I could build a website based upon my own experiences. Only one problem: I do not know how. I set out to find some help. I knew that I wanted to have complete control over the look and the content of this site. It wasn't long before I found Site Build It, or SBI. As a result, I have built this site from scratch, with no web building experience, in my spare time, learning as I go. I am still learning and still building. What I did not realize was that I would actually be making money from doing this.

Originally, I just wanted a good avenue to showcase my family's rental house and a good website to answer visitor's questions. Now I have a full fledged professional looking site where all my fellow island friends' businesses can be found and all their visitors' questions can be answered.

This is Block Island Family Vacation If you are looking for something you cannot find or if you have a question, please click on the link below to contact me.

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To inquire about rentals, visit our hotels, inns or house rental pages directly. All questions are answered as quickly as possible. There may be slight delays during the summer but you will be answered. Thank you for taking the time to be here.

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