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Planning a Block Island Beach Wedding is fun. Here's some useful information to make your Ceremony successful and fun for everyone!

Consider the Location

If your reception site is within walking distance of a beach, it's a good idea to use the closest beach. It eliminates having to arrange transportation. When choosing a beach site for your ceremony or event, take into consideration parking and access. Chances are good that you will have some guests that are elderly or not able to navigate stairs or walk across rocks.

Specific Locations

These beach wedding sites are waiting for you to say "I Do." The Fred Benson Town Beach Pavilion can be rented for events after closing (usually 4p.m.). The current rate for a wedding is $150 for resident, $300 for non resident. The beach pavilion is not set up for weddings though bathroom facilities are available, shelter from weather, and if you decide to have your reception here it will be easier for a caterer than any other beach location. The Southeast Lighthouse is a popular and dramatic location. The North Point, just as dramatic and you can be on the pavement instead of the sand, good for guests who cannot easily walk or stand on sand and rocks. The Ocean View Pavilion, though a bit of an uphill walk, is located in town and is atop a hill overlooking the ocean.

Time of Ceremony

Lots of decisions on Block Island depend on the Ferry Schedule. Check your beach wedding "getting here" guide before deciding on a time. Though most guests will plan to stay the night or make a vacation out of your event, some may not be able to. Use the ferry schedule to make sure that people can arrive and leave on the same day without missing the festivities. Here's a day trip guide for guests only staying for the day.

Afternoon is probably the best time for a ceremony on the beach during the summer. The lighting is good for photos and the beach crowds get lighter. If it is spring or fall you can pick almost any time of day. Sunset can be romantic and ideal for photography.


Tides change throughout the day, and it is always better to have the ceremony when the tide is not coming in. Low tide will cut down (but not eliminate) the ocean noise and will also prevent a wet, advancing water line from interfering with the proceedings.


This is something beyond your control. Be prepared and always have a back up location indoors or under a tent in case of stormy weather. Block Island usually has stretches of beach that are shielded from wind, however this changes from day to day, sometimes hour to hour. **Hurricane season can affect your beach wedding in August & September. When you are making plans a year in advance there is no way to know. There have been nasty Nor'easters in June and picture perfect days in October and November. The back up plan for your beach wedding is strongly encouraged. block island beach wedding


Be sure to have some chairs so guests are comfortable, especially if the ceremony will be a lengthy process. Even if guests are asked to stand during the ceremony, you should still have some chairs available for guests who may not be able to stand through the entire ceremony.

The Knot Wedding Shop


Who needs to decorate when you are in such as naturally decorated area? Your Beach Wedding can have simple yet elaborate touches such as an aisle way lined with flowers -or- if the ceremony is performed at sundown, you may use lighting options such as torches or lanterns.


Consider portable instruments with high-pitched notes that travel well outdoors without drowning out the natural sounds of the ocean. Flute or violin soloists are popular, as are a saxophone, accordion, cello, harp, or guitar. Due to the abundant natural sounds at the beach – waves crashing, seagulls calling – you may wish to include a sound system. Resident Music Guru Marc Scortino from On Island Entertainment can hook you up with local musicians to create a variety of musical backdrops for your beach wedding.


If your ceremony site is a drive from your reception site, you will want to arrange transportation for your guests. There are a few buses on the island, 2 owned by the Block Island School and one owned by Kim Gaffett. If you cannot arrange a bus, you can arrange taxis and/or enlist the help of friends or family members that will have cars on island.

The Block Island Wedding Guide

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