Block Island Beaches

Block Island beaches are of the most beautiful in the world. Summer brings the crowds of families and day trippers as well as a healthy throng of boaters. The rest of the year is quiet, allowing mother nature to restore the pristine balance of sea and land. The ocean is accessible around the entire island. Explore the unspoiled shoreline and find your favorite spot. Here we go.....

The East Side of Block Island

Crescent or the most popular oceanfront begins in town where the ferry docks in Old Harbor and stretches all the way to the north point of Block Island, RI. There's a tiny patch of sand inside the jetty where a handful of boaters anchor. Accessible from Water Street which is the main drag in town. You won't find sunbathers here, just a dinghy or two.

block island beaches
Baby Beach

Walk over the jetty north, pass by the Surf Hotel and you are on still on Crescent which actually extends a few miles - all the way to Clayhead. Walk a few yards north below the Surf Hotel and you'll come upon an area now known as Baby Beach. Popular with mothers and toddlers and only a short walk from the road with easy access. The usual calm waters makesit easy for the little ones to enjoy the ocean.

block island beach Beach Checklist
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Sunscreen
  • Beach Chairs
  • Towels
  • Beach Blanket
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Book/Magazines
  • Cooler/Water/Snacks
  • Camera
  • Beach Toys
  • Ziplocks or Dry Bag
  • Dry Clothes
  • Ear Drops/Plugs
Fred Benson Town Beach

Continuing north you'll run into family vacation central. Convenient and free parking in the lot or on the street. This is the only patch of shoreline with lifeguards and a pavilion with bathroom/shower facilities and a concession. The food concession is run by Rebecca's take out. There are chair and umbrella rentals, kayak rentals, and more. Sometimes there are early morning exercise classes, and early evening art shows and concerts. You can also rent the facilities for your family events.

Scotch Beach

Traveling north from Fred Benson is Scotch. Accessible from paths from the road or from a small parking area on Scotch Beach Rd., this stretch is popular with the summer workers. You'll see a volley ball net set up here, join in on the daily games and tournaments. There's good body surfing here, the sand is usually free of rocks.


Next northern stretch of sand is Mansion, marked by the stone foundation of what used to be a the lavish Searles Mansion and dance hall. You can get here easily by walking or biking along the road from Corn Neck. There is a parking lot, though the walk from the lot to the sand is a bit long. Popular with families, especially those staying at homes with private walking paths leading to the shore. Good for swimming and body surfing.

Clayhead and Pots & Kettles

From Mansion heading north you run into clayhead and pots & kettles. Clayhead are the cliffs that you first see when riding the ferry in from Point Judith or New London. This area is rocky and full of iron rich clay deposits, great for shell and rock hunting. and if you continue north you'll make your way all the way to the Northern Point of the island and the north lighthouse.

Northernmost Point

Cow Cove, Settler's Rock & Sandy Point
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This is another site that holds tradition for many families including the Families Memorialized on the Rock. The northernmost point of Block Island lies the North Lighthouse and the best sunsets on the Block. Settler's Rock is here at Cow's Cove, right where the settlers landed and swam to shore bringing with them the island's first cows who where pushed off the boats and forced ashore. Attached to the rock is a plaque that holds the names of the original settlers of Block Island. You might recognize the names as some of these families are still here. Careful, it's rocky here, not good for swimming on the ocean side as the rip current is fierce. On the other side, however, is Sachem Pond, fresh water and good for swimming. Many a late night swim under the moonlight continues to take place here.

There's more to explore....

The West Side of Block Island

The South End of Block Island

Great Beach Tips

For a more comprehensive list of tips, we found an entire website that is dedicated to beach more

Handy Sandy Tips

  • Arrive early and pick out your spot
  • Sunscreen: for best results, apply before you get there
  • Plastic bags for picking up trash
  • Keep a close eye on the kids, even in shallow water
  • Digging holes in the sand. Dig away from the water line, keep an eye on small children and fill in the hole when you are done
  • Please stay off the Dunes
  • Colder water promotes swimmer's ear

block island dog

Dogs on Beaches There is a leash law. If you decide to let your dog run off leash you should be able to control your pet from disturbing wildlife or being a nuisance to other beach goers. Let's all do our part to keep BI dog friendly and kid friendly. For more information on bringing your dog to Block Island more.
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