Block Island Accommodations

Great deals on Block Island accommodations are at your fingertips. This website is the most comprehensive insider's guide available. The best beach rental for you and your family to stay on this resort island is easy. This tiny town of New Shoreham is accessible by ferry or by plane from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. There are Victorian hotels, quaint Inns, charming B & B's and hundreds of vacation home rentals with a variety of amenities.

The great appeal of this island is its laid-back-ness, the easy pace and the fact that it does not remind of home, even if home is not far away. A room or house rental should reflect the level of relaxation that makes a getaway a refuge from regular life. There are a few different types of places to stay with varying amenities, proximity to beach or town, etc. After searching through our site, you should feel confident in choosing the best rental room, apartment, cottage or whatever you call your break from the world.

harborside hotel Harborside Hotel

Lodging Options

  • Hotels Block Island is known for its historic Victorian hotels which were built in the 1800's when tourism became the island's economy. These hotels make up the island's waterfront in old harbor.
  • Inns Each with its own unique charm. Many of the island's Inn's are updated, though a few still have just the bare amenities and even shared baths. To some this is a real Block Island experience; to others this is not a vacation. Do your research before you go.
  • Bed & Breakfast From a room or two in a resident's home to a full on inn these breakfast serving hosts are a great way to get to know the island.
  • Timeshares Though there aren't many timeshare resorts located on the island, the ones found here are packed with amenities and are available for sale or rent by owner. For instance, the Island Manor Resort features large, fully equipped kitchens and balconies. They are quality accommodations combining privacy with resort luxuries.
  • House Rentals Rent a house by owner or through a rental agent.
Good to Know Most houses book by the week only in July & August. You may find weekend rentals during the shoulder season or off season more
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