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A vacation on any Block Island beach makes for a most memorable family getaway. Relax on the island's main beaches or explore more of the "off the beaten path" seashore. Listed here are details about some of the out of the way beaches. Most are marked from the street with access signage and parking. A Block Island beach day is always fun and always free.

The West Side of Block Island

Cooneymus, Dorrie's Cove & Grace's Cove

On the west side of the island are a few easily accessible coves. Cooneymus, Dorrie's & Grace's Coves are rocky, secluded beaches which you can get to by driving down the roads marked with their names and parking at the end. Good for a night time fire. (make sure you get a permit first). Popular with the teenagers and young crowd at night, you may come across a makeshift fort or remnants of a beach party. Daytime hunting for flotsam and jetsam is fun. Many odds and ends seem to float onto these shores - usually fallen from boats. During any nor'easter or hurricane swell you'll find the surfers braving overhead waves. Usually the waters are pretty tame here but be careful if you swim, it's rocky and unpredictable. fly fishing

Charlestown Beach

Take Coast Guard Road toward the coast guard station on West Side Road and you will come to a great Block Island beach on your left. This is Charleston beach. You can swim here, this is also a good site for a clam bake! Lots of seaweed and driftwood for a fire. Further up on the right is Cormorant cove, a popular site for clamming in the off season and also for seal watching. Follow the road to the end and you'll be at the coast guard house. There's a path leading to what is called 'the cut'. This is at the channel from the ocean into the great salt pond. You can watch the boats go in and out or cast out a fishing line, this is a good spot for landing a fish. wave crashing

Andy's Way

Take Corn Neck Road to Andy's way marked by a sign on the left. Ample parking and easily accessible, this beach lines the pond. Great for families with small children. The water is very mild. This is also the popular clamming spot in the summer.

Dump Beach & Bean Point

Continue along Corn Neck Road to West Beach Road. The road is easily marked by a sign for the transfer station (or the town dump.) Follow the road road to the end and you'll find what islanders still refer to as "dump beach." This beach is rocky so be careful if you swim. Great beach combing on this side of the island. If you continue south (you'll need a four wheel drive) the road eventually ends at the bean point wildlife preserve.

You may walk the beach south, (or walk along the sandy road) round the corner and you are on the opposite side of the cut along the great salt pond. To your left is the pond, directly across from Andy's way. This is not an easy beach to access, driving often results in vehicles stuck in sand. The beach is usually free of people which makes it a worthwhile hike.

block island dog
Dogs on Beaches There is a leash law. If you decide to let your dog run off leash you should be able to control your pet from disturbing wildlife or being a nuisance to other beach goers. Let's all do our part to keep BI dog friendly and kid friendly. For more information on bringing your dog to Block Island more.

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