Block Island Beaches

The south end is known for some of the best of the Block Island beaches. But really the answer is everywhere. Accessible from almost any direction, you'll find a spectacular patch of sand to suit you. There's no such thing as a bad beach here so try them all. Before you explore one of the more hidden Block Island beaches you might try the main beaches on the east side of the island. Read on or use the links to find a different spot for each day of your family vacation.

South Side of the Island


On the southern side of the Block Island ferry dock and jetty this beach is right in front of Ballard's restaurant and inn, popular with boaters and with the young crowd. There are cocktail waitresses on the sand, and daily live music outside. There's also a busy volleyball court here with daily games and tournaments. There are lifeguards, it's busy and sometimes noisy. If you are just on island for the day it's an easy stroll to the beach, right in town.

For a whole different experience you can try one of the more secluded, off the beaten path areas. Harder to get to, maybe not the best for small children, but otherwise a must see.

Mohegan Bluffs

Continue south up Spring Street, pass by the southeast lighthouse and turn into the Mohegan bluffs entrance. A spectacular view awaits you from this point. Descend a mere 141 steps to a rocky area leading to the sandy shore. This is among the best Block Island beaches. At the bluffs you will also find lots of green clay. Block Islanders like to use this clay as a skin therapy.

Try it yourself

Smear the clay on your body, let it dry in the sun, then jump in the water and wash it off. It's as good if not better than any spa body treatment. And it's free.

Black Rock

Another popular surfing spot, not easy to get to for the average sun bather. Drive all the way down Snake Hole Road, there's parking and then a steep walk down a treacherous path to the beach. Nude sun bathing is popular here. Not good for swimming. Strong current and rip tides.

Be careful

the surf can be rough, there's rip currents and it's rocky. No lifeguards. Lot's of erosion, do not walk directly under a bluff.

Continue south and you will soon be turning a corner to the southwest side of the island. Most of the rocky beaches along the southwest side are only accessible by private paths. These areas are mostly frequented by surfers and fishermen.

Main Beaches

West Side Beaches

We've also got good Beach Tips and places to search for Sea Glass.

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