Block Island Hotels

narragansett inn

The largest and oldest Block Island Hotels date back to the mid 1800's when tourism on BI began. As you approach Old Harbor from the water, the grand hotels are the first things you see. You won't need a car if you are staying in town, you can walk right to your hotel!

History & Trivia

The grandest of the grandest of all Block Island Hotels, the Ocean View, burned to the ground in 1966 but you may still visit the grounds where it once proudly stood.

Block Island does not have any chain hotels, or chain anything for that matter. The largest hotel on the island is over 150 years old and has 50 rooms. These old Victorians are like living history. You can feel first hand what it was like to be alive and on holiday decades ago.

What to Expect

Since these hotels are actually vintage, spacious rooms with lots of amenities are not the norm. You may go to our accommodations list for info on each unique place. You'll also be able to click on the photos and get more details or make an inquiry.

Guide to Block Island Hotels

Guide to Block Island Inns

On the main drag is the National Hotel, the Harborside Inn and further up the road on Spring Street is the Manisses, the 1661 and the Springhouse, popular in the summertime with its weddings and events.

Traveling from town up High Street you'll find the Atlantic Inn. Down by the Ferry Docks you'll see Ballard's Inn on the Beach. To some visitors Ballard's is all they know of Block Island! Rounding the bend on Water Street onto Dodge Street is the Grand Surf Hotel, currently for sale. If you have ten or so million to spare contact an island sales broker.

More Block Island Hotels and Inns can be found as you descend Dodge Street from the Surf Hotel. In New Harbor near Payne's Dock is the Narragansett Inn overlooking Great Salt Pond.

Rooms & Rates

Rooms and Rates vary.The best rates are mid-week in the off season, highest rates are July & August. Rates are anywhere from $75/night in the off season to $400/night for the same simple room in July or August.

hotel manisses Get a good mid week package deal on or off season. Keep in mind that some rooms in the older Block Island hotels have shared bathroom facilities and may or may not have air conditioning or heat. There's very little air conditioning on Block Island. It isn't usually a problem due to the refreshing ocean breezes. It's great to sleep with the windows open taking in the fresh air and listening to the foghorn at night.

The point is that there are still places on Block Island that are set 'back in time' and may be "rustic," that is to say without even simple amenities you are used to off island. This may be appealing to some people, appalling to others so ask questions, ask for photos, and know what you are renting. If you require complete privacy and things like air conditioning in your hotel room, it is available, so ask specific questions and book early!

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