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Block Island Houses are listed with the island's real estate agents -or- by the homewoners themselves. If you are looking for a great beach house to rent during the summer or if you would like to inquire about buying property, a house, land, a condo or commercial property, you are in the right place. For your convenience, all of the real estate agencies are listed below with their contact information. Although this is an insider's guide and you will find great advice and recommendations on many of these pages; This Website does not currently endorse any one broker or rental agent. The intention is to give you a full picture and allow you to make the best, informed decisions for your family. Here are the listings in Alphabetical Order:

  • Ballard Hall Real Estate P.O. Box 1885, Corn Neck Road, Sales & House Rentals
  • Beach Real Estate PO Box 1468, Ocean Ave., Sales & House Rentals
  • BI Reservations & Real Estate Water Street, 800-825-6254, Hotel Rooms, Suites, Cottages & Apartments, nightly and weekly rentals.
  • Block Island Realty Corn Neck Rd, Sales & House Rentals
    • Lila Delman Estate 61 Dodge Street, Sales & House Rentals
    • Offshore Property Ltd. Ocean Avenue, Sales & House Rentals
    • Phillips Real Estate New Post Office Building, Sales & House Rentals
    • Sullivan Real Estate Water Street, Sales & House Rentals

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