Block Island Jobs - Tips for finding work this Summer

albion pub block island I've been holding down Block Island jobs since I was sixteen. Now, as a seasonal business owner on this island, I am prepared to give you tips on how to spend the summer working on this resort island in New England.If you are searching for jobs this summer, the best way to get started is to contact the
Chamber of Commerce 800-383-BIRI.
 The Chamber keeps an updated list of all jobs as well as jobs with housing.
Block Island job seekers are mainly college students or young adults looking for a fun way to spend the summer while making money.

There is also a population consisting of age twenty-forty something who are "seasonal workers." Some graduated from college and just kept their summer jobs.

Some workers migrate between two seasonal resort areas such as a ski lodge in winter and Block Island in summer. Some, like myself, end up buying a business and hence, a permanent summer job! And others apply from other countries on work visas.

Most Block Island jobs are in the hospitality industry. Some positions you may apply for include:

  • Kitchen Help
  • Wait Staff
  • Bus People
  • Chamber Maids
  • Hotel Front Desk
  • Dining Room Host
  • Dock Hands
  • Lifeguards
  • Beach Workers
  • Bike/Moped Renters
  • Interns
  • Bouncers
  • Counter Help/Cashiers
  • Retail Store Clerks
  • Day Spa Specialists
  • Nanny or Au Pair
  • Fisherman/Mate

Sometimes finding a summer position is "hit or miss." Housing for many residents let alone summer help is scarce on Block Island. Don't let that discourage you, if you really want to be here, you will.

If your grandmother or aunt has invited you to stay for the summer you are at a definite advantage. Otherwise, your experience in certain areas such might help land a job with housing.

If you have kitchen experience you will easily find a cooking position, most of those jobs come with housing.  Bartending jobs are difficult to find even with experience and do not come with housing.  (I waited tables at Mohegan Cafe for four years before being allowed behind the bar!)

Wait staff positions are easier to get and some jobs do come with housing (check the bigger hotels such as The Springhouse, The Manisses, The National, Ballards, Aldo's or Rebecca's Take out (they also own Rebecca's on the Beach)

What is your course of study? You might look for an internship in environmental sciences at the Nature Conservancy or the Ocean View Foundation. The Block Island Times offers internships for reporters.

Tips for Block Island Jobs


  • Make Housing a Priority
  • Start your search Early Most businesses do not open until April or May. The larger hotels all have online application opportunities so begin there. Send resumes and follow up with phone calls.
  • Visit the Island Follow up your initial contact with an appointment for an interview. Then visit any open places to introduce yourself and drop off a resume. You might save time by getting a pad of those generic application forms (find them at Staples) and filling them out ahead of time. Staple your resume to it.
  • Here is probably the Most Important piece of advice I can give:
  • Be Persistent & Polite Check back on your applications by phone, email or in person often.  There are lots of people like you looking to spend the summer on the island so make yourself stand out.  Ask questions, tell about any experience you may have. (Sometimes residents are looking for maintenance people, carpenters, baby sitters, etc and may have a room in their house.)  Unfortunately, there is no way for you to get in touch with anyone like that.   That's why I say stand out and be persistent.  We all know know one another on this island so if some one doesn't have a job for you they might know some one that does!
  • Check the bulletin boards at the Block Island Grocery

Check out this Block Island Jobs Website. Register and look for jobs here. This site is just getting going, the more people like you that use it, the more employers will use it to post jobs.

Good Luck to You!

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