Block Island Parks

girl on swing There are a few Block Island parks for kids and families to enjoy. In the middle of town is a speck of a park called Esta's. Located on Water Street across from The New Shoreham house, this resting spot is suitable for waiting for shoppers. It is also a popular hangout for the teen crowd in the evenings. It serves as a meeting spot and a prime vantage point to watch the ferries come and go.

Ball O'Brien park is on West Side Road. Right after you pass the Oar restaurant you will see the entrance to this park. It houses the Ian Kortbek Memorial Skate Park, a well kept swing set and jungle gym, basketball court and tennis courts. This park is used daily by island residents. Visitors are always welcome.

Champlin's Marina has a state of the art playground for with swings, jungle gym, and other attractions. There's also an arcade for tweens and teens to enjoy.

Negus park is a grassy area shaded by trees, located on Ocean Avenue next to the Block Island Depot (grocery). Busy on Saturday mornings as the farmer's market used this spot to sell their goods.

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