Block Island Referral For Local Business

The BIFV Block Island referral program is for any island establishment that would like to become a member and affiliate with us. This website has been around since 2005. In that time we've managed to add over 100 pages of great information for our visitors. We've also steadily climbed the ranks of google and the other search engines. Your business should benefit from this. Why not? It's free.

How does it work?

We build you a simple web page on this site. Your page has basic info about who you are and what you do, some good photos and any info you would like your potential customers to know. You do not need any technical skills. We do it for you. It's that easy.

Can anyone do this?

We made this as simple as can be. We build you a web page on our site with information about your business. That part is always free. For restaurants and retail shops, especially if there is currently no web presence, this might be just what you need to get noticed. For Inns, guest houses and hotels and rental homes other features may be added to allow the visitor to contact you directly. For an example of this more.

screen shot sharkys Here's a Screen Shot Example of a restaurant's webpage Why Block-Island-Family-Vacation.Com?

A high percentage of travelers are using the web to plan entire vacations. They want to plan their vacation including finding the best restaurants and shops to visit when they get here. BIFV has been steadily gaining popularity as a great insider's guide to planning a vacation on this island. It is written by a long time vacationer turned resident who loves to help promote fellow businesses. Essentially, this is the virtual version of Block Island referral.

How is this different?

Well, it's different and its not. There are other options for getting exposure such as the Chamber and Tourism Council sites, the newspaper site, etc. We are different because our site has built in to it all the information visitors look for when planning a vacation on BI. Details on things to do and much more. There is no one website that tells the story of the island, promotes our businesses with a fresh looking webpage for free, and writes fresh new content all the time. We are listening to our visitors and sponsors. We have no agendas, no deadlines, no quotas, we are just having fun and making a little to keep it going.

I Already Have a Website

That's great. This does not take the place of a whole website, which by the way, is a must in these times. The basic webpage we create for you serves two purposes.

  • It serves as a landing page on our website adding content and credibility to our site. Win for us.
  • It allows visitors to find you when your website may not normally show up on the top pages of google and such. Win for you. It's win-win.

Are you a Lodging Business?

Wondering how to get listed? more

Good to Know Our website is the most comprehensive with rich and relevant content about Block Island. Since 2005 we are always updating and expanding using the latest online technologies more
I have Web Page on this Site. How do I get Referrals for my Service Business?

All you have to do is let us know and we will create a form for you. Read on to find out how.

Get Yours Now

Once your referral form goes live you'll start getting referrals immediately. We'll create your presence page with all the necessary information. Links will be woven into content where ever appropriate so that our visitors will find what they are looking You may send us photos and whatever else you wish the public to know about you. If you do not send us anything, we will do our own research and come up with something that you may add to or change later.

You May Use Any Payment Method Here

Suggested Pay-What-You-Can Amount: $50-$100 per Year

Once we hear from you we will notify you by email to obtain some basic info so we may build your page. Once the page is built we'll send you a link so that you may view the page. We will link the page to the appropriate listing pages such as our hotels pages or our inns page. If you would like to add or change anything, just reply to that email and we will update it for you.

If you prefer to send a donation by check, contact us, no problem.

Don't forget

to put one of our great content adding links on your website, the link to and link back is very important to search engines. Your website will get ranked better and so will ours. Win-Win.

We hope you take advantage of getting referrals. They will come in year round so you may fill your calendar before the season begins.

Not Sure?

That's o.k. We hope that you will at least use our content and add value to your current website. Want to have a section on your website that lists things to do for your visitors? Want to tell your visitors about all the great restaurants? Want details about the beach or hiking? You could spend hours writing content for your site or you could link to ours. We love to share and want to become the best Block Island referral source.

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