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Find the best Block Island rentals for your family. We've got great tips for quickly finding which type of accommodation is best for your needs. Houses, beach houses, bed and breakfast, rustic inns or historic hotels are among the many choices of places to stay.

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When looking for a beach house to rent there are 2 ways to go. One is to call on one of the Block Island rentals island realtors and let them find you a house. The other is to find one of the many houses available online for rented by the owner.

There are a finite number of houses for rent on the island. Some are listed with a realtor, some are listed by the owner and some do both.

Rent by Owner: Rentals by owner may be available to reserve early. For instance, my family's rental house can be secured as early as September or October for the following season. Find and contact a list of rentals by owner.

Realtors: The scoop on island realtors is that they do not start booking until late December/early January. (though recently this is changing) Returning renters have first dibs. Around mid January they open up the rentals to new renters. Find and contact the realtors.

View the house online and ask questions -or- take a day trip if you live in New England to tour some houses. You will be renting someone's private residence; houses vary widely as far as layout, amenities, location, bed comfort, etc. Houses range from rustic to quite lavish; on the beach to off the beaten path. Scroll down for a list of questions you might want to ask to help you decide.

Expect to send your deposit in early, most ask for a deposit of half the rent by mid January or immediately.

Here's a list of what to ask

  • How many does it sleep?
  • How Many Bedrooms?
  • House Location?
  • Proximity to Beach?
  • Is there an outdoor shower?
  • List of Appliances, Washer/Dryer?
  • Is there a TV, Satellite, DVD?
  • Wireless Internet Service?
  • Pet Friendly? What is the fee?
  • Linens Provided?
  • Safety Features?
  • If you have small children lofts, open stairs or being too close to the main roads.
  • What are the Amenities? What are the house highlights?
  • Houses are mostly privately owned so expect a wide range of decor, appliances, varying grades of mattresses & bedding, amenities and creature comforts. You can get a good idea of a house with photos and it pays to ask the right questions.
  • What is the house layout and bed sizes?
  • What's the Yard Like?
  • Is there an Outdoor BBQ?
  • What is the availability?
  • What are the rates?
  • Most Block Island Rentals have set rates for July & August as well as Race Week (3rd week of June). Otherwise you may be able to negotiate a good discount on an off season week or weekend.
  • What is the deposit?
  • What is included in the rate?
  • Depending on the realtor or the homeowner, you may be responsible for some extras. Ask ahead. Most rates include tax and rental agent's fees. Linens are sometimes included. Fluctuating costs such as cleaning are almost always extra.

Basically, know what you want and make sure the house you are renting has those amenities. Make a list of your "Must Have's" and a list of "Dealbreakers" and see if you can find yourself the perfect house!

Many houses that rent privately advertise online. As a homeowner renting my family's house, I have done a tremendous amount of research and used several of these online rental listing companies. The best ones I have found are:

Vacation Home Rentalsvacation home rentals

HomeAway Vacation Rentalshomeaway vacation rentals

VRBO-Vacation Rentals by Owner

Note to Homeowners Get on our Block Island rentals website for free and get that house booked on season and off. ....learn more

Vacation Home Rentals

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