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When it comes to Block Island restaurants, seafood is king. Coastal New England is famous for its fresh seafood. Rhode Island is famous for its clam chowder....pronounced "CHOW-DAH." You'll find it in 3 varieties: White - New England, red - Manhattan and clear - Rhode Island. Here's a hint: You cannot get bad chowder on Block Island so feel free to order it everywhere!!

block island restaurants

Block Island is a fishing Mecca. Fresh striped bass, codfish, bluefish, bluefin tuna, black sea bass, bonito and fluke are caught locally. When you order fish 'n chips in any Block Island restaurant, you often get fresh codfish or fluke. You may also find local scallops, clams, mussels, steamers and oysters on the menu. Ahhhh!! The almighty lobster... It is a locally harvested shellfish (though you won't find it everywhere anymore). There are fewer lobster men hauling in fewer lobsters which accounts for market prices.

Fresh Seafood

When ordering seafood, chances are it is either local, ferried in or flown in from nearby. Specials menus vary from week to week. To find a good lobster dinner, check out:

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  • Finn's Seafood At ferry dock, Old Harbor
  • Ballards At town dock, Old Harbor
  • Harbor Grill At Harborside Hotel, Water Street

Raw bar, clam cakes & chowder, fried clams, crab cakes and lobster rolls and sushi are also available around the island.

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