Block Island RI

block island What has become known as Block Island RI was originally called Manisses Island which means: "island of the little gods." Named so by the Narragansett Indians who inhabited the island long before settlers arrived in 1661. Block Island was also named one of the 12 last great places in the western hemisphere by the Nature Conservancy.

The island itself was formed by glaciers, and at some point broke apart from the mainland. The landscape consists of rolling hills lined with stone walls giving the appearance similar to that of Ireland. Wildlife abounds as the island is home to many species of migrating birds. Hiking trails crisscross the entire island providing ample opportunity to experience the abundance of nature available here.

When Block Island RI island settled, farming and fishing were the island's mainstay. In the 1800's tourism became an active part of island life. The grand hotels were built and the rest is, well, history. Today a popular summer tourist destination and known for its spectacular beaches good seafood restaurants, a host of outdoor activities, shopping and seeing the historic sights.

Boating is predominant and each June the island hosts Block Island Race Week, a highly competitive, week-long sailboat racing event.

Other events include the annual Fourth of July Parade and celebration as well as various running races and. During these times the island's population can triple over the normal summer vacation crowd. block island bird The weather can be very unpredictable as island weather is. On any given day it could be 75 degrees and you'll want to go for a swim or it could be windy or rainy or cool. The temperature can dip (especially at night) or suddenly the wind will pick up. Watch the weather before you embark on a day trip and remember that the weather on the mainland, as close as it is, could be different than here. Many a day tripper canceled a trip due to rain only to find out the island was sunny and warm!

Avg high °F39404553627177777162534458
Avg low °F27283341495864645749413245
Rainfall (inches)3.683.043.993.723.402.772.623.

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