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Block Island Seaglass

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What is your favorite pastime when at the beach? Depending on the time of year and the location of your favorite beach, you might like surfing, swimming, fishing, or just kicking back and relaxing.

One of the pastimes that families everywhere enjoy is walking on the beach. This can be done in all kinds of weather and wherever there is a beach that is conducive to walking.

When walking on the beach, you probably stop to look at seashells, driftwood, or animal life in the tide pools. You might also enjoy collecting Block Island seaglass or beach glass. What is sea glass?

Sea glass comes from broken bottles or other discarded glass objects that have been tumbling back and forth in the surf line for many years. During this process, the glass becomes rounded and frosted and very pleasing in appearance. It has its own special look that is impossible to achieve artificially, though some do try. Because of the special look and glow when seen among the sand and pebbles, it is referred to also as sea gems.

Many families have avidly collected sea glass for generations.

Block Island sea glass

Now, more and more people are collecting sea glass as a hobby. It can be used in a variety of craft projects and makes beautiful sea glass jewelry. Even kept in a jar on the window sill, these colorful gems become a very nice addition to your décor.

As you enjoy your walks on the Block Island beaches on your next vacation, be sure to include the wonderful beach activity of hunting for sea glass among your other favorite pastimes!

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