Block Island Suite Dreams Guest Room

block island guest room

Smack in the middle of Old Harbor is the Block Island Suite Dreams guest room. Situated on the second floor of the "Figurehead Building," this room with a private bath looks out over Water Street.

This side of Water Street bustles with activity during the day, yet settles down to sleep at night. A leisurely stroll is all that's required to find shops, restaurants and night life. - Give the Gift of a Getaway

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The guest room comes with its own shopping experience. Check in at 234 Water Street, the boutique on the street level.

234 water street
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If you enjoy being in the center of things and having convenient access to all activities, this is the place for you.

suite dreams guest room

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Call Suitekeepers Becky or Jon at 401-466-8600 for details or to book the room.

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