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A Block Island wedding. There is nothing more romantic than a bride & groom, barefoot by the sea. Block Island, with its Victorian charm and vistas everywhere you turn, is the perfect destination for a wedding. Did you know that destination weddings do not have to be more expensive than local events? Situated conveniently in the heart of New England, it's easy for your guests to get here.

From simple casual to haute couture, a Block Island wedding is the event of a lifetime. What does your perfect wedding day look like?

Getting Started?

The key to planning a perfect Block Island wedding is to know the in's and out's of throwing this type of event in a small, close knit business community. The people who have the most experience in weddings on B.I. are our local small business owners. A destination like this one takes a bit of creative planning. For instance, the weather can be unpredictable any time of year. This doesn't just affect your wedding locale, a canceled ferry on your day could affect the arrival of guests, a band or d.j., a cake from an off island bakery, etc.

Are you an island Business?

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Planning is key

You'll get good advice from any of the venue's event coordinators, local event planners and from the island caterers. Feel free to surf around this website and learn about all the great island vendors.

Scheduling the Big Day

Think about your guests. High season is July and August. An event scheduled at this time could mean more expensive lodging or no rooms available. This is not meant to discourage you from an amazing August wedding. If you have your heart set on July or August, start early and work with a venue that is all inclusive. That way you may negotiate room rates, maybe book an entire inn or hotel or block enough rooms to ensure your guests will all get a place to stay.

The Block Island Wedding Guide

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July & August aside, did you know that a destination wedding can even be less expensive than a regular wedding? On with the planning.......

The most popular months for Block Island weddings are June & September. Due to the increase in destination weddings on Block Island, brides have also been choosing April & October with great success! Any month can be unpredictable weather-wise so make sure you and your caterer have back up plans.

Use a Local Guide

Block Island weddings are increasingly popular. There was a time not too long ago when no one would think of getting married on island unless it was their home. Pioneer destination brides have paved the way for you to be able to pull your event off without a hitch. (pun intended??)

Help your Guests Learn about the island

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Choose a Venue
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You may also use the Chamber of Commerce or the Tourism Council's websites. They keep directories of island businesses and have sections on weddings.

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Many island businesses act as mini wedding planners. If you are getting married here I recommend hiring a local caterer or event planner. They are used to the quirks that come from planning a lavish looking event on the sand or in the middle of a field with no electricity or running water.

Other things to consider is that everyone and everything takes a boat or a plane to the island. The last thing you want to find out on your big day is that the D.J. missed the ferry or the cake fell on the way to the island. (true stories!)

Make a vacation for your guests. When picking the date for your Block Island Wedding remember that at certain times there are lots of visitors yet a finite amount of lodging. July & August will be tough for your guests to find accommodations unless they book their rooms in January, not very likely. April, May & June as well as September, October & even November make great months for a destination wedding on this resort island.



wedding show

The Sullivan House in conjunction with the Block Island Times puts on a Wedding Show in July. This is great for speaking to vendors, coordinators, venues and lodging representatives.

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