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Block Island weddings are easy to plan with the help of island coordinators. You've chosen the destination, now pick a venue. Start with your guest list and budget. If you have a ball park number of guests, you are ready to choose a location that accommodates the size of your wedding. The smaller the event, the more choices you have. If you need some advice contact a local event coordinator.

Tips for Choosing a Venue

Other criteria for choosing a venue depends on a variety of factors.

  • Budget: A destination wedding does not mean extra expense. Using an event coordinator is not necessarily more expensive than doing it yourself. Tap into the wealth of information amongst the local business owners. This community is always ready to help.
  • Time of year: Obviously, an on season wedding in July or August will be pricier for both the family and guests alike. June and September, while less expensive for guest accommodations is actually high season for weddings. That leaves October through May. Many venues are not open during these months. Weather can be unpredictable during any month.
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    Choose a Venue
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  • Location: Brides may choose to have both ceremony and reception in one location or two. You may save money by choosing a beautiful location without an ocean view for the reception. You might choose a beach location for the ceremony or wedding photos.
  • D.I.Y. vs. Event Coordinator: The money you spend hiring a professional planner may offset what you might overspend trying to do things yourself with no local contacts. That, and you won't have to worry about the nitty gritty of the planning process. How much is your time worth? A good thing to note is that most of the venues will include coordinating with cost of the catering.



The Block Island Wedding Guide

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Consider Your Options

All Inclusive Reserve a hotel or inn with lodging and on site catering & event services. Allow them to take care of your guests and your reception. Check out these island pro's: The Sullivan House, The Manisses, the 1661 Inn, the Atlantic Inn or the Springhouse Hotel. All inclusive weddings at these top destinations can save you a lot of guesswork; the hotel managers and caterers act as wedding planners, guiding you through all your decisions.

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On Location Book a rental house that allows events,or a property with space & views. Hire a caterer that specializes in Block island wedding receptions. You pick the place, they take care of the rest. Check Out rental houses such as Lynn's Way or Summer Hill. These privately owned Houses are well known wedding reception sites. They also have event coordinators that can help you navigate your options.

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DIY Have the ceremony at the southeast lighthouse followed by a reception on the beach. You make all the arrangements or let an island caterer or wedding planner guide you.


Block Island business owners are wedding savvy. There are some seasoned professionals that have specializing in this for years. Talk to a few island caterers to get a sense of what they offer and if they are going to be compatible with your expectations. Sean from Block Island Gourmet has agreed to share information and answer your event questions.

Other on site, and very elegant settings include the Hotel Manisses & 1661 Inn and the Beachead Restaurant.

Have your heart set on a lobster bake or BBQ for your wedding or rehearsal dinner? Block Island is good at them.

Beautiful Ceremony Spots, such as the beach, and a great reception location are the first things to consider. Plan to look for your location at least a year in advance. You'll need to rent rooms or a house for your bridal party.

Get Beach Wedding Tips

Hire an on island independent wedding planner to act as your consultant or to oversee your reception.

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