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Every town, especially a resort town, has a visitor center. Block Island has been steadily catching up to handle the influx of visitors eager to disembark on its shores. Every year it seems there is another high speed ferry overflowing with seekers, waiting to taste what the nature conservancy describes as "One of the twelve last great places in the western hemisphere."

Getting Here

The Chamber of Commerce office is located at the ferry landing in Old Harbor. When you get off the ferry, walk across the parking lot. Look for the "visitor's center" sign. Public restrooms, lockers and the taxi stand are next to the chamber's office. This tiny office has no shortage of answers. Well informed islanders are waiting to field your questions and dispense equitable advice. In the office you will find plenty of brochures, discount coupons, last minute vacancies and a smiling face to greet you!

Places to Stay

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The Island Magazine

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Visit the Chamber of Commerce website. They assist visitors, locals, business owners and summer workers with a variety of services: