Block Island Cemetery


The cemetery is located on the corner of West Side Road and Center Road, high on a hill with spectacular views of the island,ocean and the great salt pond. It is easy to get to from town or the marinas. As you walk the rows of graves -some dating back as far as the 1600's, you will recognize many island surnames.

There are other cemeteries on Block Island. If you are adventurous and wish to hunt for more gravestones, continue up West Side Road until you come to a sharp bend. On your left is a house that looks like an old church. (it was, at one time, a Baptist church). Straight ahead is a dirt road. Do not drive on it without a four wheel drive. If you are driving, best to park and hike in. You will come to a small stone wall enclosure with an old iron gate. Inside you will find more historic graves.

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