Block Island is a Dog Friendly Place

Joining the lucky dogs of dog friendly Block Island? Bringing your best friend on vacation is what makes it a vacation.

Block Island is a haven for dogs. A vast majority of islanders have dogs. If you happen to see a dog without an owner remember: There are no stray, homeless or feral dogs on the island. Island dogs have a knack for appearing hungry and homeless, it's just an act!!

Dogs on Ferries

You may bring your leashed dog on the Block Island ferry, free of charge. The high speed ferry service from Point Judith is also dog friendly, but only on their outdoor decks. If the weather is bad you may opt for the 'slow boat' so at least you can ride inside.

dog on beach Maise Dae

Abide by the Law

According to the town's ordinance, dogs should be on a leash at all times, kept out of public buildings, and leashed on the beaches. As dog lovers know, some places enforce their ordinances more or less in favor of dog owners - which is why you are reading this now. If you want to be sure about what is allowed and what is not, you may read up on Block Island's Dog Ordinance.

Dogs on Beaches

The main beaches along the eastern side of the island are the most populated during the season. The Fred Benson Town Beach has postings that remind dog owners to keep dogs leashed. This is enforced. The beaches to the south and north of town beach, as well as the remainder of BI's 360 degrees of beautiful beaches are more lenient. As long as you are keeping an eye on your dog and cleaning up after him, there does not seem to be any problem with letting him have a good run.

Where to Stay

More pet friendly places are becoming available. Here are the ones we know about:

Get Your Inn Listed Here

Do you know of a dog friendly place that you do not see listed here? Or, are you an innkeeper that allows dogs? We refer guests to our best Inns....get details.

gothic inn
 Gothic Inn, Dodge Street.

 Block Island Reservations, Water Street.

blue dory
 Blue Dory Inn, Dodge Street.

inn at BI
 Inn at Block Island, Old Town Road.

old bakery inn
 Old Bakery Inn, Water Street.

Go To Pet Friendly House Rentals

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House Rentals

You may also try the Realtors for house rentals that allow pets. House rentals by owner are increasingly seeing the value in renting to responsible pet owners. Try our rental house section, scan through the Check out more houses or let us know if you found a good place to stay

Eateries that allow Dogs

Dogs have been spotted at some of the restaurants and cafes that have outdoor seating. Some restaurants with outdoor seating areas allow patrons to have their well behaved dogs sit nearby. Here are some places to eat:

dog on beach Zazen

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