Family Reunion On Block Island

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Block Island is Your Destination for your next Family Reunion! The information offered here is to make your task of planning a little easier. Block Island can be a quirky place when it comes to finding the information you need and executing your plan.

Here's a checklist of info you will need to compile in order to begin planning your family reunion on Block Island. Be as specific as you can.

  • Number of Family Members/People in your party including children
  • When would you like to have your reunion?
  • How long will your family be staying? 1 or 2 weeks? A weekend?
  • Will you be holding an event? Party? Wedding?
  • If you are holding an event, for how many people?
  • Will you need a caterer or private chef for your party?

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If you are DIY (doing it yourself), you will be your own event coordinator. This can cut into your vacation time. After all, factor in that you are dealing with your family and that should give you some idea of what you are getting into.

My recommendation for planning your Block Island Family Reunion Vacation is to start early. Begin Planning 6 to 12 Months in Advance. Rental Houses, especially the few large houses that fit more than 15 people are usually booked up in January or earlier for the summer season.First, get commitments from your family members as to who is coming so you have a number to work with.Second, depending on the number of people in your party, decide what type of Accommodations you need.

What works well with large families is to rent 2 or 3 houses. The family members with children can all be housed together. The family members who are single adults can stay in another house. (That also gives the family members with children a place to escape to when grandma babysits!!) Finally, the elders can stay together. This makes one house a "quiet" house.

With more than one house you can take turns hosting parties and BBQ's, croquet, horseshoe and badmitten games, poker night, etc.

If you have your heart set on all staying together, look for a house like Lynn's Way. There are 10 bedrooms and and room for 18 people at this large house.

There are also a few other Large Houses that rent to large or multiple families.

Third, when it gets close to Family Reunion time, Divy Up the Responsibilties: You can be the Delegator. Make someone in charge of Food. Someone in charge of Booze. Someone in charge of activities. Depending on what your budget is you can shop before you arrive (way less expensive) or on island or you can hire a caterer or private chef. For your activities you can find out what the island has to offer and create your own list of things to do.

You might decide to organize the event online by using or any online party invitation or party organizer. These event oriented websites help you make invitations, keep track of who's coming, Communicate with one another through message boards, etc. And they are free.

If your Reunion turns out to be a big event to plan Click Here for Event Planners or Check out these 2 Great Resources Below!

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