Labyrinth of Block Island

labyrinth The labyrinth of Block Island is located off Corn Neck Road, just past West Beach Road or the transfer station. Marked by a wooden staircase and sign, this garden like maze is on private property though open for Block Island visitors to enjoy.

Though resembling a maze, this passage has only one way in - all the way to the center and one way out. It is used as a tool for meditation.

The seeker uses the winding path to explore the self. Contemplating questions of life and finding answers within is the purpose for walking the winding paths. Prayer, mantra (chanting) and breath practices can be combined with walking.

block island view

Walking in this meditative state relaxes the brain, promotes focus and healing.

The property overlooks both ocean, Sachem Pond and Block Island's magnificent north lighthouse.

Combine this walk with hiking nearby Greenway trails. Sit on one of the benches, enjoy the peace among nature, be still and leave some words of wisdom from your practice in the book.

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