A Local View on Block Island Life

The 900-1000 of us local folk who have decided to make Block Island our home enjoy a life much the same yet very different than our friends across the sea in "America."

This close knit community surrounded by so much nature, simplicity and beauty is what keeps us here despite any obvious modern inconveniences. We live and breath by the weather. The Ferry Schedule also dictates when we go to the mainland for our shopping, errands and appointments. The off season, though mostly our favorite time, can be particularly challenging. Many times we get stuck on island or off due to inclement weather or a missed ferry.

Living so close to Nature we enjoy spectacular sunsets year round, sprawling vistas, tremendous night skies and the simplest of pleasures. I often marvel as I walk down a deserted beach or step outside on a brisk and dark winter evening to see the stars. How often does anyone feel appreciation for their surroundings. I always say the same thing to myself: "I can't believe I get to live here!" And then summer hits.........

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Block Island Business Information and resources; a network of island business owners.

Block Island Jobs Tips for finding a summer work. This guide delivers excellent advice on what can be a quirky place to find employment.

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