Block Island Marinas

There 2 main harbors and several marinas on Block Island. Choosing the best place to dock your boat depends on which side of the island you will be arriving, how long you are staying and what amenities you require. Like land accommodations, dock and mooring space is limited during the summer so planning is the key.

Old Harbor

Block Island's public dock is nestled into a harbor shared with ferries, commercial fishing and charter boats. Recently updated yet scant facilities include rest rooms with a few showers. Showers are also available at the town beach pavilion. Anchoring is permitted and moorings are available on a first come, first serve basis. Anchoring is not allowed in the town mooring field, within 100 ft. of a commercial dock, on the west side of the harbor, within 50 ft. of a residential dock , private mooring, or moored boat and in navigation channels.

Town moorings are light green buoys with black numbers. Orange moorings are for vessels over 50’ in length and cannot be used without permission from the harbormaster. Vessels over 48 ft. contact the harbormaster on VHF Channel 12 for instructions. Old harbor is on the east side of the island, where the ferries dock. Conveniently located in the center of town, it's a short stroll to shops, restaurants and the beach.

paynes dockPayne's Dock

Payne's Dock

401-466-5572. Located in new harbor at the end of Ocean Avenue. On the west side of the island, through the channel and into the southern end of the great salt pond, this private facility has a mooring field for permit holders and their guests. Docking is available by reservation. Gas is sold at this dock. There are showers, a BBQ area, a bar called Mahogany Shoals, an outdoor bar with take out food in the evenings, a snack bar and gift shop.

The Boat Basin

401-466-2631 The second marina at new harbor at the southern end of the great salt pond, through the channel on the west side of the island, is the privately owned boat basin. Facilities include showers, the Oar restaurant and a general store. Dinghy docks are located to the east of the boat basin. Reservations are necessary during high season. Moorings are for permit holders and their guests. Bike and care rentals are available. There is also a free trash dumpster - very scarce on Block Island.

champlins marinaChamplin's Marina

Champlin's Marina

401-466-7777 or 1-800-762-4541 Located on the west side of the island, through the channel into the great salt pond. Privately owned Champlin's is the largest of BI's marinas with the most amenities. For anchoring visitors there is a free launch to the dock. Trader Vic's bar is at the end of the dock. Live entertainment and bar food is available. On premises is also a hotel, restaurant, snack bar, arcade, BBQ area, playground, pool, showers, tennis courts, bakery, ice cream, convenience store, bike, moped and boat rentals, laundry drop off and a movie theater. Out of all the docks on the island, this one has the most to offer, especially for families.

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