Mohegan Bluffs of Block Island

mohegan bluffs, block island

The Mohegan bluffs is one of Block Island's most spectacular vistas and a must on any sightseeing tour. A 25 minute walk or 10-15 minute bike up Spring Street from town, this sweeping view on the south end of the island is breathtaking. Just before the bluffs you'll see the southeast lighthouse, a good historical stop.

The entrance to the bluffs is marked and easily visible from the road. There's a small parking area and a path leading to the stairs. Down a mere 141 stairs, stop along the way to snap some of the greatest photos of your travel snapshot career.

At the foot of the stairs carefully navigate your way through the rocks to one of the most beautiful stretches of beach available.

Many islanders use the stairs as a "stair master." Without state of the art workout facilities on island we use nature and outdoor activities to stay fit. How many times can you go up and down?

The beach at the bottom of the stairs has unpredictable surf. The cliffs are made up of green clay, wonderful for use on the skin. Try smothering yourself with clay, let it bake in and go for a refreshing dip to rinse. You'll find this practice as good as any spa treatment.

Use caution when walking near the bottom of the cliffs as loosened areas at the top may fall at any moment. This has proved fatal in the past so keep an eye on the kids and do not try to climb. It is documented that the site of the Mohegan bluffs is where battle took place between the native Manisee Indians and the Mohegan Indians. The battle ended with the natives driving the Mohegan Indians right off the bluffs to their deaths over 150 feet below.

The bluffs have steadily and heavily eroded to the point where the light house was moved some 200 feet back from the edge in the 1990's. Also, the blocked off path leading to a lookout platform has been closed so long that it is overgrown with brush and no longer visible.

If you continue on past the entrance to the bluffs you will come to another entrance that looks similar except without a sign. This is referred to by islanders as "second bluffs." The site for many a late night party, this area also has a path that leads to yet another sprawling panoramic sight. No stairs at this site so be careful and stay away from the edge.

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