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Block Island realtors provide an invaluable service to islanders and visitors alike. If you are looking for a summer beach house rental or to inquire about investing in property or looking to list your house for sale or rent, you are in the right place. Our island real estate agencies are listed below with their contact information.

sullivan real estate Sullivan's Office

Click on any of the agents to go to their info page. You may contact them directly from their info page.

  • Ballard Hall Real Estate
    P.O. Box 1885, Corn Neck Road
    Sales & House Rentals
  • Beach Real Estate
    PO Box 1468, Ocean Avenue
    Sales & House Rentals
  • BI Reservations & Real Estate
    800-825-6254 or 401-466-2605
    Water Street
    Hotel Rooms, Suites, Cottages & Apartments, nightly and weekly rentals.
  • Block Island Realty
    Corn Neck Road
    Sales & House Rentals
  • Lila Delman Estate 401-466-8777
    61 Dodge Street
    Sales & House Rentals
  • Offshore Property Ltd.
    Ocean Avenue
    Sales & House Rentals
  • Phillips Real Estate
    Post Office Building
    Sales & House Rentals
  • Sullivan Real Estate
    Water Street
    Sales & House Rentals
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    Block Island was purchased from Massachusetts by a group of 16 settler's in 1661. It later became part of Rhode Island. These 16 family names are memorialized at Settler's Rock located at the northern point of the island. Almost half of the Land on Block Island is preserved as open space. Dubbed as one of the last great places in the northern hemisphere, the beauty of the island remains largely unspoiled and safe from the ravages of time.

    Islanders have a particular challenge when it comes to keeping a home on Block Island. The influx of wealthy vacationers building second homes (dubbed 'McMansions') has caused the value of homes to be out of balance with the rest of the state. Though property taxes remain relatively low, the median price of a simple 3 bedroom is inflated enough to remain out of reach of island families who wish to settle here. The island as well as the state has taken steps to remedy the situation through creating affordable housing opportunities. Lists of residents wait to qualify and have their name drawn by lottery as each new project get completed.

    New construction is still a viable industry island wide. For a while summer cottages from the 60 s and 70's were being purchased, torn down and the footprint replaced with a much larger beach home. As a result there is a myriad of extravagant dwellings scattered around the island's perimeter and higher grounds.

    Real estate sales on Block Island continue to hold steady. There is a 3% tax on each sale that goes to the land trust to preserve open space. Participation in the MLS has made it easier for off island brokers to identify properties for sale and collaborate with island realtors. If you are looking for properties, is is recommended that you visit the island and choose from one of our qualified, reputable and knowledgeable agents.

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