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Your business will benefit from Block Island rental referrals by turning vacationers searching for info about the island into customers for you. How does it work? We build you a simple web page on this site. Your page has basic info about which type of rental you are - an Inn or a hotel or a small guest house or a vacation home. Your page will have a rental referrals form so visitors may contact you directly. Want to see an example of how other island businesses are using this program?

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Here's an example of an Inn uses a form that allows visitors to check availability for rooms.

screen shot sea breeze inn Screen Shot of Inn that uses a contact form

screen shot form Screen Shot Example of Contact Form

Why Block-Island-Family-Vacation.Com? A high percentage of travelers are using the web to plan entire vacations. They want to book online, in real time or as close to real time as possible.

Get Referrals

We make this very simple and easy. We build you a web page on Block-Island-Family-Vacation.Com with information about your business. That part is always free. The referral comes to you through a contact form the visitor fills out when looking for a room rental. This form is automatically generated and emailed straight to you so you may provide your prospective customer with prompt service. The information collected on the form may be customized to suit your business.

Good to Know

Our website is visited most by people looking to book a place to stay. Our traffic has been steadily growing since 2005. We take pride in delivering the most detailed and up to date info for planning a vacation on BI.

How to get One

Instead of paying for each click or each referral, we offer a "pay-what-you-can" suggested rate of $50-$100 for a whole year of unlimited referrals. Our current members are seeing increasing referrals every month and every year as our site gets bigger and busier. The busiest months for inquiries are January, June, July & August. If just one of those inquiries books a room or a rental, well, what's that worth to you?

That's a Win-Win

We just want to cover our administrative costs. This website is built by a tourist from 1963 turned resident in 1995 turned Block Island business person in 2007. This website is a community oriented effort. People are looking for the great insider info here and your business should be connected.

Get Yours Now

Once your rental referrals form goes live you'll start getting referrals immediately. We'll create your presence page with all the necessary information. Links will be woven into content where ever appropriate so that our visitors will find what they are looking You may send us photos and whatever else you wish the public to know about you. If you do not send us anything, we will do our own research and come up with something that you may add to or change later.

You May Use Any Payment Method Here

Suggested Pay-What-You-Can Amount: $50-$100 per Year

Once we hear from you we will notify you by email to obtain some basic info so we may build your page. Once the page is built we'll send you a link so that you may view the page. We will link the page to the appropriate listing pages such as our hotels pages or our inns page. If you would like to add or change anything, just reply to that email and we will update it for you.

If you prefer to send a donation by check, contact us, no problem.

Don't forget

to put one of our great content adding links on your website, the link to and link back is very important to search engines. Your website will get ranked better and so will ours. Win-Win.

We hope you take advantage of getting rental referrals. They will come in year round so you may fill in the weeknights and off season weeks or weekends.

Not a Lodging Business?

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