Block Island Sullivan House

sullivan house

The Block Island Sullivan House is perhaps the place most well known for its Weddings. The tent set up on the hill overlooking the Great Salt Pond for most of the summer is practically part of the island's skyline.

The historic main house with its wrap-around porch and distinctive gables, was built in 1904. Generations later the property remains in the family. The owners pride themselves in offering weddings tailored to any style as well as cuisine to fit any occasion.

The Owners also have a catering service - Block Island Gourmet. They provide catering at their main property as well was any location large or small around the island.

The property has several houses with enough rooms to accommodate many guests.

sullivan house
For more information on booking an event or staying at the Sullivan Property, Click Here.

Like many Block Island Rentals, this rental property offers mid-week packages.

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