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We are proud to call T Finn photography our local connection for the best photos of Block Island. Tracy Finn lives on Block Island. She is known foremost for her work as a nanny to many of our island's children. She began capturing the island and its inhabitants with her camera and posting her photos on social networks. Her friends encouraged her by sharing her work which is what BIFV is now doing.

Tracy is able to freeze the most memorable moments and edit in a way that is so pleasing. Evident in her work is the love for Block Island and its people - especially the kids. Since rescuing a puppy pit bull, her camera has been occupied with her newest love as well as the island pooches of her friends. Inherent in her artistry is the unique character of each of her subjects and landscapes. We are happy to share the love with you.

T Finn's online photo gallery is an answer to the many requests to share her photos. Her work is woven throughout this website, on our pinterest page and now at T. Finn Photography. If you are interested in contacting Tracy for her work, visit her website at

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Block Island is a haven for artists. Inspiration for art is everywhere. The solitude of the winter lends itself to artists, writers, poets and the art of contemplation. Island spun products such as unique jewelry, pottery, paintings, clothing, accessories and foods are among the items found at the farmer's market as well as the galleries and boutiques. We even have a yarn mill spinning yarn and creating products from island animal fur.

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There is much to choose from on island or by visiting our online shore store.



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