The National Hotel

by Liz
(Fairfield, Connecticut)

My 4 girlfriends and I decided to try the National Hotel for an overnight last summer. Our friend's reggae band was playing on the island that night.

We always wondered what it would be like to stay in the National, as it was the first hotel we would see when coming in on the ferry.

We were able to get a suite that held all of us, but boy was it expensive.

We ended up paying over $450 for one night. However, the ocean views were gorgeous! We could hear the boat whistles and fog horns and see the waves crashing. It was beautiful.

The hotel itself is very old fashioned, which makes it unique. We loved the bar downstairs and the fact that we were near all the shops and the beach.

I wish we could have stayed more than one night! I definitely want to go back!

P.S.- Great website! I am SO happy to finally find a unique site on Block Island!

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